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Amy + Scott’s Engagement Session ~ Knoxville engagement & wedding photographer

December 7, 2010

If I got to choose, I would have sparkling blue eyes just like Amy’s.  She and Scott chose UT Botanical Gardens for their engagement session location and I love shooting there! If  you have never been, check out their Christmas events like the Holiday Express.

I cannot wait to shoot Amy and Scott’s wedding in May!

"Amy and Scott in front of a sunlit tree at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott smile in the sunlight"

"Amy and Scott laugh under the trees at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott kiss under the arbor at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott snuggle under the arbor at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott with the vintage truck at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott cuddle in the back of a vintage truck at UT Gardens"

"Scott kissing Amy at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott inside a drainpipe at UT Gardens"

"Close up of Amy's engagement ring"

"Amy and Scott snuggling"

"Scott holding Amy in the sunlight "© 2010 Bledsoe Photography

Mary Beth & Adam’s Engagement Session ~ Downtown Knoxville

April 2, 2009

Mary Beth, Adam and I got to romp around downtown Knoxville for their engagement session. We hit up the Old City, Gay Street and the World’s Fair Park before heading to Market Square for dinner—and everything was CLOSED! Ugh! Gotta get used to a town that shuts down at sunset…
We had a great time with lots of laughs and nice weather though. And afterwards, we stuffed our bellies full of burgers and fries, yum!
I totally stole the “No Kissing Zone” idea from Mike @ Myrick Studios. Gotta give him props.

Thanks, kids! It was fun!