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Gil Elvgren Pin-Up Sessions ~ Knoxville Pinup & Boudoir Photography

December 28, 2010

I have some really brave friends!

A few months back during one of many girls nights, my friend Maria broke out her awesome new calendar with Gil Elvgren’s pinup art on it.  We had the idea to try to loosely recreate a few of his paintings in photos.  We had a ton of fun trying to find props and clothing.  By the way, someone help me find an old school yellow telephone!

Huge thanks to my models Maria, Abby, Jenna, and Nada.  And to our awesome makeup artist, Candle Kincade for making everyone retro-beautiful!

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"I'm Not Shy, I'm Just Retiring (Too Much Champagne)" 1947Gil Elvgren’s “I’m Not Shy, I’m Just Retiring (Too Much Champagne) 1947

"My version of Gil Elvgren's 'I'm Not Shy, I'm Just Retiring (Too Much Champagne)' 1947"

"Gentlemen Prefer . . .? (Gents Prefer) 1963"Gil Elvgren’s “Gentlemen Prefer . . .? (Gents Prefer)” 1963

"My version of Gil Elvgren's 'Gentlemen Prefer . . .? (Gents Prefer)' 1963"

"Gil Elvren's 'Partial Coverage (Flashback; Sunnyside Up)' 1960"Gil Elvgren’s “Partial Coverage (Flashback; Sunnyside Up)” 1960

"My version of Gil Elvgren's 'Partial Coverage (Flashback; Sunnyside Up)' 1960"

"Gil Elvgren's 'Skirts Ahoy!' 1967"Gil Elvgren’s “Skirts Ahoy!” 1967

"my version of Gil Elvgren's 'Skirts Ahoy!' 1967"

"Gil Elvgren's 'Wish You Were Near' 1969"“Gil Elvgren’s ‘Wish You Were Near’ 1969”

"My version of Gil Elvgren's 'Wish You Were Near' 1969"

Thanks, girls! L-R: Abby, Maria, Jenna. (Nada not pictured)

©2010 Bledsoe Photography, Smitten Boudoir

Boudoir SALE! The perfect gift for your Valentine!

January 4, 2010

SUPER excited about this one! I LOVE boudoir sessions!

Now through Jan. 22nd, I’m running a sale on mini-boudoir packages. It includes 10-15 poses in a 4×4 KISS book just in time to surprise your honey on Valentine’s Day with exactly what he wants…more of YOU!

Sale price is $175 + tax. That’s almost half the price of a regular boudoir package! Choose from red, pink or black linen book covers.

Hurry! It’s only for 2 weeks!

**8×8 books are available for an additional $100**