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Emily’s ‘Chihuly’ Bridal Portrait Session ~ Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Nashville, TN

January 10, 2011

Just wanted to share a few shots from Emily’s awesome bridal session that we shot back in October at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.  (Yes, October.  That’s the only thing that stinks about bridal sessions–I can’t show them off until after the wedding!!)

Luckily the Chihuly exhibit was going on during the same time so we got to take advantage of the beautiful blown glass art that was set up throughout the gardens.  Gorgeous!

Check out the blog for Emily’s wedding to Mr. Matt B. here.

"Bride (Emily) at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens"

"Bride at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens"

"Bride at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens"

"Bride's earrings, wedding jewelry"

"Bride in front of stone wall at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens"

"Engagement Ring against stone wall"

"Bride under stone arch at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens"

"Bride on stone staircase at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens"

"Bride in front of the columns of the Cheek Mansion at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens"

"Bride on staircase at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens"

"Bride with Chihuly art at sunset"

"Bride with Chihuly art at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens"

"Bride under wisteria at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens"

Gil Elvgren Pin-Up Sessions ~ Knoxville Pinup & Boudoir Photography

December 28, 2010

I have some really brave friends!

A few months back during one of many girls nights, my friend Maria broke out her awesome new calendar with Gil Elvgren’s pinup art on it.  We had the idea to try to loosely recreate a few of his paintings in photos.  We had a ton of fun trying to find props and clothing.  By the way, someone help me find an old school yellow telephone!

Huge thanks to my models Maria, Abby, Jenna, and Nada.  And to our awesome makeup artist, Candle Kincade for making everyone retro-beautiful!

Contact me via Smitten Boudoir to schedule a pinup or boudoir session.

"I'm Not Shy, I'm Just Retiring (Too Much Champagne)" 1947Gil Elvgren’s “I’m Not Shy, I’m Just Retiring (Too Much Champagne) 1947

"My version of Gil Elvgren's 'I'm Not Shy, I'm Just Retiring (Too Much Champagne)' 1947"

"Gentlemen Prefer . . .? (Gents Prefer) 1963"Gil Elvgren’s “Gentlemen Prefer . . .? (Gents Prefer)” 1963

"My version of Gil Elvgren's 'Gentlemen Prefer . . .? (Gents Prefer)' 1963"

"Gil Elvren's 'Partial Coverage (Flashback; Sunnyside Up)' 1960"Gil Elvgren’s “Partial Coverage (Flashback; Sunnyside Up)” 1960

"My version of Gil Elvgren's 'Partial Coverage (Flashback; Sunnyside Up)' 1960"

"Gil Elvgren's 'Skirts Ahoy!' 1967"Gil Elvgren’s “Skirts Ahoy!” 1967

"my version of Gil Elvgren's 'Skirts Ahoy!' 1967"

"Gil Elvgren's 'Wish You Were Near' 1969"“Gil Elvgren’s ‘Wish You Were Near’ 1969”

"My version of Gil Elvgren's 'Wish You Were Near' 1969"

Thanks, girls! L-R: Abby, Maria, Jenna. (Nada not pictured)

©2010 Bledsoe Photography, Smitten Boudoir

Allie & Mommy ~ My favorite Kiwis! ~ Nashville children’s photography

December 13, 2010

Allie and her mommy, Sarah wanted to do a secret mommy-daughter session for daddy.  So before they took off on a cross-country tour with Rapture Ruckus, (daddy’s the manager) we stole a couple of pre-tick-or-treating hours on Halloween and headed to Brentwood.

Allie brought her essentials:  a purple cowboy hat, a tu-tu, and her bunny costume.  What more could you need, right?

It’s been awhile since the session, but now that everyone is back in New Zealand for the holidays, I think it’s safe to share a few favorites from the day.

Personally, I believe Allie is one of the most beautiful, precious little girls in the world.  But I’m biased…she is my godchild!

Happy Holidays to all my Kiwi friends!

***And to Allie, Auntie Newwie wuves you vewwy much! xoxo***

"Allie in her purple cowboy hat and tutu"

"Allie and mommy tossing fall leaves"

"Allie giving me a pouty face"

I’m a sucker for that pouty face!

"Allie and mommy have a cuddle"

"Allie and mommy"

"Allie posing in her tutu in front of a door"

"Allie in her bunny costume for Halloween"

She kept hopping around and yelling, “Hop, hop, hop!”

"Allie holds her bunny ears"

Every time we said, “Hold your ears up!” she grabbed her own ears inside the bunny suit.  Finally got it right!

"Allie getting kisses from Mommy"

"Allie giving kisses to Auntie Nellie"Kisses for Auntie Nellie too!

Love you, kiddo. xoxo

©2010 Bledsoe Photography

It’s Christmas, baby! ~ Knoxville newborn photographer

December 9, 2010

I’ll be officially blogging the Lowe Family session later, but I had to share this precious little 8-day-old monkey RIGHT NOW!

Welcome to the world, Baby J!

Need family or baby photos in Knoxville?  Gimme a buzz.

"Newborn Baby in a Santa Hat"

"Newborn Santa baby in a Santa Hat"© 2010 Bledsoe Photography

Amy + Scott’s Engagement Session ~ Knoxville engagement & wedding photographer

December 7, 2010

If I got to choose, I would have sparkling blue eyes just like Amy’s.  She and Scott chose UT Botanical Gardens for their engagement session location and I love shooting there! If  you have never been, check out their Christmas events like the Holiday Express.

I cannot wait to shoot Amy and Scott’s wedding in May!

"Amy and Scott in front of a sunlit tree at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott smile in the sunlight"

"Amy and Scott laugh under the trees at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott kiss under the arbor at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott snuggle under the arbor at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott with the vintage truck at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott cuddle in the back of a vintage truck at UT Gardens"

"Scott kissing Amy at UT Gardens"

"Amy and Scott inside a drainpipe at UT Gardens"

"Close up of Amy's engagement ring"

"Amy and Scott snuggling"

"Scott holding Amy in the sunlight "© 2010 Bledsoe Photography

The Wards ~ Nashville & Knoxville Lifestyle Photography

December 2, 2010

I’m trying my best to catch up on editing and blogging weddings, but I wanted to share a few shots from this fun lifestyle / couple session with the Wards.  Luckily they were up for anything and didn’t mind walking all over downtown Nashville to find interesting spots and good light (just my kind of people!).

Thanks, S+W!

"Couple snuggling on railroad tracks in Nashville"

"Holding hands on the Shelby Street Bridge in Nashville"

"Kissing in front of a No Loitering sign"

© 2010 Bledsoe Photography

Eli & Trey ~ Fall portrait session ~ Knoxville children’s photography

November 7, 2010

This is my third opportunity to photograph these rambunctious, adorable brothers.  Eli and Trey love to play sports and wrestle, so as with most little guys, getting them to sit and smile is almost impossible.  It’s best to let them be themselves and capture their true spirits…and every now and then get a serious pose!

Their beautiful eyes and dimples make my heart melt!

Love you, E+T!

"Hugging brothers."

"Eli and Trey"

"Brothers standing in a creek."

"Brothers huddle up."

"Boys Wearing Atlanta Braves Hats"

"Throwing Fall Leaves"

"Throwing Fall Leaves"

"Brothers walking through the woods"

"Posing with the trees"

"Looking up to big brother"Looking up to big brother.  Priceless!

Gentry Faith is here! ~ Nashville Newborn/Baby Photography

July 26, 2010

Congrats to Adam and Angela on the birth of their first baby, Miss Gentry!  She was born on June 2nd, weighed 7 lbs, and was 19.75 in. long.

We shot a newborn photo session in the Nashville studio, as well as some shots at A & A’s new home in Lebabnon, TN.  (Watch new episodes of House Hunters on HGTV to see them on their house search.)  I love the pink and green colors in Gentry’s nursery.  It’s so bright and cheerful!

She is such a precious little girl!  Big thanks to A & A for continuing to let me capture their life’s most memorable moments.  I love you guys!

Bledsoe Photography

Bella’s 2 year session ~ Nashville children’s photography

July 20, 2010

I have had the honor of photographing miss Bella since she was in utero.  (Literally!  See here!)  She is growing up so fast *insert sad face* so it was off to Spring Hill, TN to shoot her 2 year session on her turf.  With the help of daddy Brent, Elmo, and the Wizard of Oz, her smile and personality were beaming.  Bella loves to read books in her purple bedroom and play outside in her playhouse, so I was sure to capture her where she likes to be most.

Here are a few of shots.  Thanks B+D!

Bledsoe Photography