Robyn & Jon’s wedding ~ 8.15.09 ~ St. Louis, MO

I couldn’t wait to shoot this wedding. Not only because Robyn and Jon (a.k.a. Schwarz) are friends of mine, but because I knew with most of the CTS Audio crew there, it would be a night to remember! Plus, spending the weekend in one of my favorite cities simply does not suck. =0) P and I even had time to take in a Cardinal’s game!


It was a grand ole time until a foul ball whizzed straight for me…and my $10K in camera equipment…
P and I both hovered over the gear just in time for the kid directly behind me to catch it!


The next day it was off to celebrate the big day! Robyn’s gorgeous Dere Kianggown was accented with tulle underneath the skirt in her theme color, pink!


The wedding ceremony was held at Solid Rock Ministries with the reception close by at Andre’s West. Hands down, the BEST green beans I’ve ever had!
Here are some shots from the day:


Check out the cake topper with the bride’s hand on the groom’s booty!


Most memorable moment: Schwarz’s headlight he wore while retrieving Robyn’s garter. PRICELESS!



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