Brittany & Mike & the purple tu-tu

The conversation went something like this:
Shanell: Cool. I’ll be in a green Honda Passport.
Brittany: Ok. I’ll be in a purple tu-tu.

What? SCORE! I knew then we would have an awesome time! Enter Brittany & Mike. This rockin’ couple will be married 10/25 and the photo gods smiled on me to be chosen as their photographer. We had a blast and they didn’t mind scaling walls or sharing an elevator with someone’s dinner all over the floor (what WAS that anyway! Ewww!). Thanks for sharing the adventure B&M!

One Response to “Brittany & Mike & the purple tu-tu”

  1. daisysfavoritethings Says:

    Wow!! I looooove these shots! You are amazing! :o) Love the ones in the parking garage…esp. with the purple tu tu!!

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